Customer satisfaction is our no.1 priority.

CHONG RO is your successful business partner.


Our company started in 1982 in Sungui-dong, Incheon, and through continuous growth and development, merged with our affiliate CHONG RO BEARING Ltd., established in 2003, to become CHONG RO Co., Ltd. in 2020. With customer-centric values and innovative approaches, we have grown to become Korea's leading specialized bearing distributor.

Our passionate and professional employees collaborate with clients to provide comprehensive bearing services, including budget execution, product delivery, and maintenance planning. Additionally, we have established a network of 10 domestic and 5 international branches, and we offer prompt distribution services through our logistics center in Bucheon to ensure close cooperation with our clients.

We continuously strive to predict and respond to industry changes. Recently, we have expanded into new business areas such as secondary batteries and the automation robotics industry. Furthermore, we have broadened our product range to include bearings, LM guides, automation components, and maintenance products, providing a more diverse range of solutions to our customers. Beyond maintenance, we actively propose predictive maintenance solutions to offer more efficient services to our clients.

Going forward, CHONG RO Co., Ltd. will always listen to our customers and strive to provide the best distribution services to support their business success. Thank you.

CEO of CHONG RO Co., Ltd. Kim Donghoon